Mission Statement & Links Maintenance Policy

Portmarnock Golf Club exists to preserve, protect and maintain the highest
standards of Links Golf for the primary benefit of its members and their guests.
Through its unique location and evolved tradition Portmarnock Golf Club has
established standards of excellence recognised in the universal golf world. It
recognises its finest asset to be the links golf course and the lands attaching
within its boundaries.

Portmarnock Golf Club is committed to providing the resources necessary so
that its links characteristics are preserved and developed. No effort shall be
spared to secure and protect the integrity of the indigenous grasses and flora
which are the natural foundation of true links golf.

Portmarnock Golf Club has a continuing commitment to the flora, fauna, and
bird life with which it shares the estuary. It will continue to act in the role of
conservators for this valued and unique ecological heritage.

Links Restoration and Maintenance Policy

Portmarnock is widely recognised and acclaimed as one of the finest links
courses in the world of golf.

This statement confirms the absolute commitment to taking whatever steps
prove necessary for the protection of the links and restoration of the links
characteristics to the highest possible championship standards. To that end the
following principles will be observed :-

- Recognised experts of proven competence in the fields of links
architecture maintenance and agronomy will be retained to advise and
guide the club.

- Club members – however knowledgeable they may believe themselves to
be will not be allowed to interfere with or impede the advice or
instructions given by recognised experts of proven competence, as
retained from time to time by the Club.

- In accordance with the expert advice, the suitable indigenous grasses and
flora will be maintained and encouraged to ensure that the links continues
to the highest standards.

- Likewise, the bird life and fauna of the links will be safeguarded.

- The architectural features of greens, bunkers, fairways and tees will be
kept under regular review and updated as proves necessary, and as
advised by competent experts.

- The Bent and Fescue grasses – which are the essence of true links golf –
will be encouraged at all times. Concurrently, the required steps to
discourage Poa Annua and other less acceptable grasses such as Rye, will
be taken – all under advice and guidance of competent experts. The grass
collection boxes on fairway mowers will be used at all times to
discourage Poa Annua.

- Due care and attention will be accorded to guard against pests and
diseases, and any unwelcome foreign matter detrimental to the
maintenance of the links characteristics.

- The essence of links golf is that, fairways, aprons and greens be firm, fast
and true.

- Pathways should be adequate width – in grass wherever possible and
contoured in, to fit with the terrain.

- The rough should be consistent with links characteristics.

- Irrigation of the links surfaces will be done to a minimalist policy, in strict
accordance with the advice of competent experts retained by the club.

- The staff of the club shall be advised of the foregoing Policy Statements
and they shall receive the training necessary for fulfilling their respective

- The equipment shall be maintained and used strictly in accordance with
manufacturer’s recommendations and specifications, and used as advised
by club’s professional experts and machinery suppliers.

- Proper and full records shall be kept in regard to usage of all equipment,
fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides, chemicals, etc., so that full information
for decision makers is constantly available and updated.

- Similarly, water usage shall be monitored and recorded.

- In keeping with tradition, the club may elect from time to time to host top
level tournaments and championships.

- The amount of play on the links shall be kept under constant review to
ensure that undue pressure is not put of the links and its environments. If
necessary, rest periods, or preferential lies will be adopted from time to

- Parts of the links – up to and including 9 holes at a time – may be
removed from play for maintenance / restoration purposes – with due
regards for timing to reduce impact on play for members.
However, proper treatment of the links for maintenance / repair purposes, as
advised by experts, must not be impeded.