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Founded in 1894, Portmarnock Golf Club has an established reputation as one of the world’s finest golf clubs. This achievement is in no small part due to the dedicated team members who have worked and built their careers at Portmarnock throughout our 127-year history.

From maintaining our exceptional 27-hole championship links, delivering the most advanced lessons, preparing the tastiest, most nourishing food, to providing a friendly, efficient service and Portmarnock’s warm hospitality both in the clubhouse and on the course, we work hard to ensure our members and guests have a memorable golfing and social experience every time they visit.

We also work hard to ensure we offer our colleagues a fun and challenging team environment, where everyone has the chance to grow and develop while building a career in one of the most respected venues in the golf world. In return, we look for colleagues who are passionate and motivated by their work and desire to deliver exceptional service, are eager to learn and develop, and bring enthusiasm and ideas that contribute to making our team even stronger.

Among the benefits we offer
  • A competitive salary
  • Free meals on duty
  • Staff uniform
  • Parking
  • An open-door policy
  • Opportunities for staff training subject to employment status

Current Opportunities

The job specification below shows the range of duties that a new employee / trainee greenkeeper will be expected to carry out. Once the trainee/ new employee can perform these tasks and has become qualified in greenkeeping and has been with the club at least five years he will be assessed. If he or she can perform all the tasks to a high standard he or she will be moved onto grade two.


1. Promoting Health and safety of self and others by:

Maintaining healthy and safe working practices, including:

Outlining the club’s Health and Safety policy.

Knowing the location of the Health and Safety Policy Document, first aid boxes and accident book.

Conducting a basic risk assessment.

Selecting and wearing appropriate footwear and clothing.

Promoting safe practices to others.

Communicating risks and hazards to appropriate persons.

Selecting and using tools and equipment consistent with risk assessments.

Respond to emergencies, including:

Fires, chemical spillages and injuries both indoors and outdoors

Using emergency equipment e.g. fire extinguishers.

Calling assistance.


2. Establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with managers, colleagues and golfers by:

Communicating effectively.

Offering advice and help as appropriate.

Dealing with conflict.

Honouring commitments.

Keeping management informed.

Understanding roles and responsibilities


3. Maintaining turf that includes:

Switching and brushing Repairing divots

Mowing banks irrigating turf

Mowing rough Mowing semi rough Mowing fairways

Mowing surrounds

Mowing tees Renovating and repairing turf

Mowing greens Aerating turf

Scarifying turf Applying fertiliser

Applying top dressing Rolling turf


4. Preparing the Course for play that includes:

Moving tee markers, maintaining golf course furniture

Maintaining bunkers

Changing holes


5. Operating and maintaining machinery including:

Tractor driving

Preparing machinery for use

Preparing machinery for storage



6. Golf course construction including:

Preparing ground for establishing plants

Laying drains, cleaning drains / ditches

Revetting bunkers

Building tees

Building greens

General turfing


7. Establishing plants on the golf course including:

shrubs and turf


8. Maintaining plants other than turf on the golf course including:

Pruning trees and shrubs


9. Additional skills could include:

All terrain vehicle driving

Safe lifting and handling

Customer care

Always be polite, be ready to help the needs of all golfers and move out of the way and turn off machines when golfers are playing.

How to apply
Please send CV and cover letter to. Gerard Morgan, Head Green keeper, Portmarnock Golf Club. for more information if you are interested